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Communication and Cognitive Framework 

The framework is the foundation for the CATHS model. It provides a shared reference point for both Speech and Language Therapists and Education Practitioners from which all elements of CATHS are based.  


Communication Assessment and Future Planning

The Communication Assessment is based on the framework.  There are six assessments for different developmental levels. It is completed in the first instance by the team around the child. In most cases, this is the Speech and Language Therapist, education staff and parent/carers. This is a formative assessment which leads to a clear Future Plan which can be agreed by everybody.


Communication Pathway

Following assessment, Speech and Language Therapists and parents use the Communication Pathway as a guide to the most effective interventions or Packages of support for each child.

Classroom Environmental Package

The majority of children will have their needs met in their own classroom through the Classroom Environmental Package. This consists of creating a classroom environment where teaching styles, resources and activities are planned with the aim of developing natural communication skills.

Packages of Support

Some children will require extra support to access learning. These specialist packages are identified through following the CATHS Pathways. The packages include overall aims, how to deliver therapy, and a therapy example. The specialist packages are delivered by the Speech and Language Therapist or trained Communication Assistants overseen by the Speech and Language Therapist.

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